Automated Vehicle Locator

AVL is a Real-Time Fleet Management Tracking Solution (AVL), It is a user friendly vehicle tracking device that operates in a dynamic way. It is equipped with a state of the art technology and is specifically designed to suite the Nigerian market, individual private vehicle owners, the taxi-service, haulage companies, private and public sector companies/organizations.
The AVL is equipped with all the functions of the ToD and with an additional function of management via online portal (AVL Server). That is, all the functions are deployable via an internet enabled computer. With report downloading of vehicle activities (15days), you will always know where your vehicle has been.

AVL monitors your vehicles via the same channel 24 hours 7 days of the week. With the use of an internet enabled computer, you can monitor and perform all functions of the solution via your internet browser of through Java based software provided free.


  • Reduced Fleet costs - with visibility comes control
  • Reduce Environmental Footprint
  • Improved Productivity of assets (Fleet)
  • Increased Fleet Utilization
  • Integrated Data Atomization