Track on Demand

Our tracking system is equipped with a variety of functionalities that are deployed as required by our clients.
The utilities of the tracking system are organized specifically to meet the challenges encountered by your daily vehicle management/security.

In essence, your needs determined the functions we deployed;

  • Tracking position any place
  • Adaptability for any type of vehicle
  • User Friendly
  • high quality and reliability
  • Track from any where in the world
  • Fast and reliable response
  • Compatible with all networks


  • Listening-in Function - hear whats going on in your vehicle
  • Engine Cut-off/Resume with mobile phone
  • Adaptability for any type of vehicle
  • Low Vehicle Battery Alert
  • Do it yourself functionality
  • Transmitters with code-hopping technology
  • Power-off alert when main power source is tampered with
  • Over-speed alert to check over speeding drivers
  • Manage your vehicle with any 4 mobile numbers of your choice
  • Parking Overtime alert to check unnecessary breaks or idle period of driver
  • Vehicle tow alert to mobile phone
  • Status report
  • and more...
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